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Team MindZip
The basic features of MindZip in just 1 minute.
The basic features of MindZip in just 1 minute.
Why MindZip?
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If you learn something new your brain will forget up to 70% within the first week. With MindZip you can keep the newly learned active and save it into your long term memory.
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Learning something new is like a journey, you follow the thoughts of an author. If you want to remember what happend it is enough to review the highlights. Hence, repeating your relevant highlights from a book, course etc. is enough to remember. Therefore we built MindZip.
Internalise key thoughts
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This is a card with a thought. If you like a thought schedule your repetitions by pressing the green "›", button (below). MindZip will show it again in optimal intervals until you have internalised it.
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Mark brilliant thoughts with a ❤️. You will receive a NOTIFICATION with the thought on the specific day. With 5 min of MindZip per day you can internalize up to 20 books per year. Tap the button with the heart (below).
Hide thoughts
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Press ✖️ to hide the thought forever.
Discover collections
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In MindZip thoughts are organized in collections and chapters. Discover and subscribe collections you are interested in or create your own. Your MindZip Study Coach manages optimized repetitions for all thoughts in your library. Start now to remember everything you learn & enjoy!