Data Privacy Statement Educate Myzelf-App and Educate Myzelf Web

The User should register through one of the following social media logins for using the App and the website of the Provider: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Xing, or Doing so, the User agrees to that the following personal data, which are deposited with the respective social network, are sent by such social network to the Provider and will be deposited in its user profile: all in the respective social network deposited data for the identification of the person, namely the name, the email address, the date of birth and the sex/gender.

The personal data, which the User did disclose in the course of a registration through the social media login as well as the personal data that result from using the App and the Website, shall only be collected, used, and processed for implementing or terminating (if applicable) the User Agreement. Such data will be blocked following the complete winding up of the agreement or will be deleted at the end of any possible preservation period under tax or commercial law provided that the User did not agree to continue using the App and the Website.

The following data will be collected by the system automatically for rendering the services of the Provider when the App or the Website is used: In addition to the above named data (the name, the email address, the date of birth and the sex/gender will deposit the following data: the inserted aims, the duties and habits, but his friends, the geological localization data and login data.

In addition, the User may decide, which of his/her personal data he/she wishes to share with other users over the social media services he/she did select. If he/she decides for enabling such sharing with individual social media services, he/she agrees to that the social media services may transfer and use the corresponding data.

The Provider shall use the data even for providing the User with information around the offer of the Provider in the future and for own advertising purposes. The User may revoke such separate agreements with future effect at any time. The data of the User are not passed to third parties for advertising purposes on principle.

The personal data collected from the User are only used further and are only passed to third parties, if and provided that the User has agreed to it separately in advance, or if this is possible without any consent in accordance with the legal provisions of data protection law.

On written inquiry, the Provider shall render to the User free of charge all information about the personal data that are stored for his person, about the recipients or categories of recipients to which such data are passed, as well as about the purpose of such storing. He/She is entitled to correct, block, or delete such data should the occasion arise.

Date: January 25th, 2016