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A guide on how to create content in the MindZip App, Web and Chrome extension.
A guide on how to create content in the MindZip App, Web and Chrome extension.
With Mindzip you can save and organize inspiring and important thoughts. The MindZip Study Coach helps you to repeat and remember them. After a few weeks (5-8 repetitions) you will have internalized most of them. Then you will be able to actively recall what you have learned.
Everything you save in MindZip is PRIVATE. Thoughts can be created in various ways: In the App | Web editor | Chrome browser extension | Upload MS Word documents (web). You can choose to publish your thoughts.
Elements of a collection
In MindZip each thought belongs to a collection. A collection can have an unlimited number of thoughts.
Collections contain of: Title | Cover picture | Summary | Chapters | Thoughts | Thought Pictures | Tags
Thoughts have a max length of 320 characters (incl. space) and 11 lines. There are 2 types of thoughts: Your own THOUGHTS. or QUOTES, when you quote somebody else.
You can add a picture to each thought. It will be shown as a thumbnail on the card of the thought. Tap to open it.
💡 Add an animated GIF to a thought to remember more details. GIFs can be added only in the web editor.
Create in the app
To create a thought within the app, open the app and press “Create” in the bottom bar of the screen.
Type in the thought. You can either save it directly, or add quotes, images, sources and tags to each thought. You find all those options in the 4 buttons on the lower screen.
When you press “Save” on the upper right of the screen, you will be directed to the “Choose Collection” screen with all your existing collections.
You can then choose to save the new thought into one of your existing collections or to create a new collection. Create a new collection by pressing “new” in the upper right of the “Choose Collection” screen.
Create in the web editor
To use the web editor open: Login with the same Facebook account/Email that you use in the app. In the web editor all changes will be instantly saved.
Create a new collection with the button "New collection" in the top menu.
There is the first chapter "Key thoughts" and a first empty thought, which is already created. You can edit both.
Create a new thought by clicking on the “+” button on the right side of the screen.
DELETE thoughts by clicking on the “…” button on the upper right of each flashcard.
On the upper left side, you can add a picture to your collection. There you can also change the title and description of your collection.
CREATE a CHAPTER. On the left side of the screen you will find a “+” button. There you can add new chapters.
CREATE a QUOTE. On the lower side of each flashcard you find the button “create quote”. There you can add the name of the author if you are quoting somebody.
Move thoughts by clicking on the 4 dots on the upper left side of each flashcard. Drag them to move. You can move a thought within a chapter or to other chapters.
You can DELETE a whole COLLECTION with the “…” icon on the top right of the screen.
Exit the editing of a collection with the "Back to my library" link in the top menu, on the left side, next to the MindZip logo.
Chrome browser extension
💡 The Chrome browser extension is a fantastic tool to remember interesting thoughts, for example while reading an article in the web. The URL gets automatically saved within the thought.
Install MindZip from the Chrome store. Login with the same Facebook account/Email that you use in the app.
If you save a thought in the Chrome extension, you can choose the location in your library (collection and chapter). If you do not chose any, the thought will be saved in the tab “Web Clipper”.
Upload with MS Word
💡 Create your collections with ANY TEXT EDITOR and UPLOAD in MS WORD (.docx). In the library of the web editor you can find the button “New collection”. Press it and then press “Import new collection”.
If you have pressed “import new collection”, you will see a link, where you can download the sample collection file, which will show you how to write a collection in a text editor.
Create a chapter by using ">>>" before the chapter title.
The maximum lenght of a thought is 320 characters (with space) that is about 2 lines in MS Word. If you add "@Name" after your thought, the system will create a quote.
If you want to add tags, add them in the line below your thought starting with #
The end of a thought and the start of the next thought will be indicated with 3 dots in the next line: "..."
If you finished writing the collection upload it by drag & drop the file to the box in the “import collection” screen.
We are constantly improving the whole system. If you have ideas, suggestions or criticism, we look forward to reading your message. Please send it to ;)