Change can be difficult, but it give us the best challenges. You’ll always feel the need to give up and say you can’t do it anymore. Then it leads you back to the very beginning where you started.
You’ll suddenly have motivation for a period of time to change your daily routines, bad habits, and etc. Then lose the motivation. Why?
Why do we lose motivation? There is a lot of strength and effort to change. It’s seems so simple, but yet so difficult.
Change can be anything. Nobody really talks about change...well not that I’ve heard.
Majority people are afraid to change. You can say “I love change, change is for the better” But deep inside if change flipped your life around will you still love it? Or will your opinion change?
What is the big fear of “change?” Well let’s get real...nobody knows. We are naturally afraid because we don’t know what is ahead of us and what the future hold in our hands. We are afraid of what if’s...