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The Art of Thinking Clearly

An eye-opening look at human psychology and reasoning — essential reading for anyone who wants to avoid “cognitive errors” and make better choices in all aspects of their lives.
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Think and Grow Rich

These takeaways of Napoleon Hill's bestseller will teach you the secrets on how to get rich. It will give you the right mindset and could bring you a fortune.
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Rich Dad Poor Dad

What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!


Achievements have greater appeal as failures, therefore they are systematically overrated. The media usually reportes only about stars, the unsuccessful are not mentioned. Therfore we end up a distorted perception of the real chances. It is useful to study the unsuccessful. #SurvivorshipBias
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Behind each successful author hide 100 unsuccessful, behind each unsuccessful there are 100 that did not find a publisher, behind each of them there 100 who have not yet completed their manuscript .... But in the news only the stars get the whole attention.
do you have at least one enemy? Good. Invite him or her over for coffee and ask for an honest opinion about your strengths and weaknesses. You will be forever grateful you did.
Rolf Dobelli
If your goal is to become rich, don’t just wish for your dreams to come true. Desire is "the starting point of all achievement".
Faith is the "visualization of a belief in the attainment of desire." Develop faith in your ability to succeed by telling yourself that you will triumph.
Prepare your mind for success with autosuggestion. Your mind will believe almost anything that you tell yourself repeatedly.
The basic lesson for any person striving to achieve financial independence is to understand the difference between an asset and liability. Focus on things that put money on the table (Asset) and avoid things that remove it (Liability).
Would you have thought that piling up money and getting more of it actually gets rid of it fastest? Of course No, we as people trying to attain financial independence think that more money means a brighter future. However, the recipe is not to pile it up but to be smart.
Most people fail to realize that in life, it’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you keep.
Robert T. Kiyosaki
I can do anythingIt’s a simple phrase, but it helps to remind yourself -- You really can do anything you set your mind to.
It can only get better. If it’s hard at first, it can only get easier.
Failure is temporary. If you fail, you’re in good company -- most successes come only after several rounds of failure.