GDPR has become an internet sensation and has created a huge buzz in the media. Over the last few months, Two events contributed in GDPR's active media coverage. — 1) During Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing at U.S. congress, following the Facebook data breach scandal, U.S. congress members have asked FB CEO to extend GDPR standards to Americans. 2) the seemingly synchronised change in privacy policies of the biggest tech companies: FB, IG, Alibaba, AirBnB and more

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Your rights under the GDPR: what is everyone talking about

The upcoming European privacy law has become famous for being strict towards businesses and friendly towards customers, users and data-subjects. Get to know GDPR and your rights under the new data protection law. This knowledge will help you understand how to gain more control over your data. It will also help you understand how to deal with the flow of privacy e-mails you have been receiving.

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