Smile 😊 #oneword001
Appreciate 🙏 #oneword002
Alive 😎 #oneword003
Love ❤️ #oneword004
Improve 🤓 #oneword005
Times 🤣🤪😏 #oneword006
Laugh 😆😂🤣 #oneword007
Feel 😌 #oneword008
Sing 🎤 #oneword009
Dance 💃 #oneword010
Learn 🤔🧐🤓 #oneword011
Yourself 😎🤪❤️ #oneword012
Forgive 🙂 #oneword013
Rest 🎧🏈⛸🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🎮📺😴 #oneword014
Strong 💪 #oneword015
Kind ☺️ #oneword016
✨⭐️ Believe 🌟💫 #oneword017
Risk 🧐💪 #oneword018
Brave 😰😦😯😶🤔🧐🙂☺️😊😄 #oneword019
Think 🤔 #oneword020
🙋‍♂️ Help 🙋‍♀️ #oneword021
Speak 🗣 #oneword022
Respect 🤝 #oneword023
Humour 👻😜 #oneword024
❄️Chill ❄️ #oneword026
🎊 Celebrate 🎉 #oneword027
Know 💡 #oneword028
If equity and trust has taught me one thing, it’s to never be a trustee. You can sit like a rock or work like a beaver, once it appears you’ve slacked, you’re screwed. #shortbreak001
The moment when a privy council’s (pc) decision is favoured over that of a House of Lords’ (HoL) PC: Yo buddy, you ok? HoL: Shut up. PC: Oh c’mon, I don’t get much attention very often anyway! #shortbreak002
After s14(2) SOGA 1979, I’ve never worn new underwear without washing them first. #shortbreak003
When in doubt, ask E-Law resources :) Google is the consolation prize. #shortbreak004
Wondering if the OLA 1984 was enacted to experiment whether a landlord would befriend a trespasser #shortbreak005
When we laugh after being asked if we understood the pass year exam question, even our lecturers know we’re screwed. #shortbreak006
Remember those study group gatherings where each of us argue in one author’s voice so that our perspective of the law was whole? #shortbreak007
Law is not boring. In fact, there are popcorn moments. My personal favourite is when one Supreme Court judge slams the argument of another in a highly complicated manner to not offend his/her buddy. #shortbreak008
‘Why do you read law?’ If only I could answer, ‘Why wouldn’t I read law,’ in an interview. #shortbreak009
TV is not a necessity? I. Will. Kill. You. #shortbreak010
Life is unfair at times and the trick is to always hope that there is a good reason for the injustice we feel. #thoughtoftheday001
Be kind, but don’t be naive. #thoughtoftheday026
Don’t ever blame the source of allegations, blame the person who chose not to ignore the unproven allegations. #thoughtoftheday002
Do you want it badly enough? If you do, just give it your all so that you won’t need a second chance to do it right. #thoughtoftheday003
Having a mindset of your own is the greatest favour you can do for yourself. #thoughtoftheday004
There are so many points in my life when I question my choice. I never felt like I could count on someone completely. When I do, the truth just sinks back in and prove how wrong I was to even bother hoping. #thoughtoftheday005
Let go #thoughtoftheday006
Beginning a new chapter is not just a breath of fresh air, it’s a peaceful yet powerful decision to heal and advance. #thoughtoftheday007
I learnt that sometimes I don’t get where I thought I could simply because my attention and commitment were split. #thoughtoftheday008
Certain things don’t come with a second chance when we don’t give everything we’ve got, which is why it’s so important not to slack on our first try. #thoughtoftheday009
If you’ve put in half the effort and expect an outstanding result, pray that you’ve done a lot of good in your past life for that kind of luck; If you’ve sacrificed so much in life yet the goal is still unreachable, then rest assure that there’s a greater goal out there which you will attain. #thoughtoftheday010
Always wake up with a happy and determined thought #thoughtoftheday011
When the word ‘secret’ escapes one’s lips, the secret already lost the status it purports to have. #thoughtoftheday012
When there’s a possibility to improve, there’ll be endless negative feedback; when it’s a sure lost, there’ll only be compliments on the strengths without suggesting how to improve. It’s peculiar how there isn’t a balance between the compliments and insults to call it ‘constructive criticism’ #thoughtoftheday013
Don’t shy away, you might look like you’re ignoring friends and opportunities to enhance yourself. #thoughtoftheday014
I know I’m getting somewhere when I’m striving to achieve nothing less than the extraordinary. #thoughtoftheday015
Stay calm no matter what. Listen, absorb, analyse and respond in a mature manner. #thoughtoftheday016
When in doubt, ask. Don’t stop until you get an answer which you’d give someone else. #thoughtoftheday017
The skill to think critically but respond kindly is a difficult balance to strike, and takes constant reminders to maintain. #thoughtoftheday018
Sometimes, it’s just about sitting by yourself in silence and think of nothing. Stare into space with an empty mind to have your mind and soul relaxed and replenished before charging again with a clear head and a revived determination. #thoughtoftheday019
Always believe that you’ve been pushed away from something you want because something better is just waiting to be found. #thoughtoftheday020
It’s when you can feel the yin, buried deep beneath the layers of the yang, that you’ll be resilient enough to endure whatever comes your way and still be happy. #thoughtoftheday021
Talking about your problems will not solve the problem, focussing on the solution does. #thoughtoftheday022
Remember all the lessons and useful advice you’ve gathered from your past because the future assumes that you’re already aware of what is to be looked out for. #thoughtoftheday023
To succeed is to stay focussed and determined even when everything seems to be falling apart. #thoughtoftheday024
I’m given this life to live because god knows I’m capable of dealing with the sadness, disappointment and mishaps, yet still be able to find the in-depth beauty in my surroundings, create memorable moments, build treasured relationships and develop happiness from my life. #thoughtoftheday025
One of the best things you can do for someone else is to be yourself so that you’ll both know whether there’s a relationship worth carrying on. #thoughtoftheday027
It’s okay to feel like giving up once in a while, so long as you never ever end up giving up. #thoughtoftheday028
When you want something, you’ll find a way #thoughtoftheday029
Interest is the ultimate driving force behind every success #thoughtoftheday030
I’m kind not because I’m innocent. I’m kind because I felt how wretched some parts of the world can be and I choose not to be like that. #thoughtoftheday031
Allow your curiosity to enlighten your fears. #thoughtoftheday032
Sometimes all it takes is a bit of fresh air and a few quite hours alone to get back up again. #thoughtoftheday033
Everyone is fighting their own battles. Either be kind or get lost. #thoughtoftheday034
Sometimes it is the simplest things that buries the deepest secrets and the most complex meaning. #thoughtoftheday035
When you finally decide to go with what you want for yourself instead of letting your circumstances dictate your situation, you’re free. #thoughtoftheday036
Depression is not a mental disorder. It’s an emotional fatigue. Quit judging. Be kind but not sympathetic. #thoughtoftheday037
When the task seems daunting. Just start with the first step. Got time? Take another step. Then another. Before you know it, you’ve completed it. It’s important to think big but start small for it is the details and the foundation that maintains the bigness. #thoughtoftheday038
Push but don’t pressure yourself #thoughtoftheday039
In an often hypocritical world, pray that we will meet and be compatible with trustworthy ones. #thoughtoftheday040
Sometimes it’s not that they don’t love you. It’s just that they love someone else more, and when it comes down to you and them, it’ll never be you. #thoughtoftheday041
Talented people aren’t rare. The people who can spot and help talented people are rare. #thoughtoftheday042
Who cares what they think? You are in full control of your life. #thoughtoftheday043
Try again or try another idea. #thoughtoftheday044
Work, but remember to rest. #thoughtoftheday045
Trust, but be alert. #thoughtoftheday046
Cry, but get back up again. #thoughtoftheday047
Help, but start so from home. #thoughtoftheday048
Persist, but take a break to recharge. #thoughtoftheday049
Resist negativity, remain mindfully positive. #thoughtoftheday050
Don’t stop walking, the storm will pass eventually. #thoughtoftheday051
Think positive, have faith. #thoughtoftheday052
You’re only capable if you believe yourself to be. Not your parents, not your colleagues, not your friends. Just you. #thoughtoftheday053
Love yourself enough to understand that spoiling yourself occasionally is not a luxury but a necessity. #thoughtoftheday054
Understand that not everyone may be as lucky as you. Don’t judge. Comprehend and respect them instead. #thoughtoftheday055
No matter how scorching the afternoon is, there’s always the gentle breeze dancing across our faces in the mornings. Lighten up, don’t be so serious all the time. #thoughtoftheday056
Get lost in your thoughts every once in a while. It’s call a ‘getting to know yourself better’ session. #thoughtoftheday057
Say ‘yes’ when you want to; say ‘no’ when you have to. #thoughtoftheday058
Question life just as you would question a favourite topic. #thoughtoftheday059
Get together with the people you miss. It’s invigorating. #thoughtoftheday060