accept (risk response)
acceptance criteria
agile and agile methods
avoid (risk response)
baseline management product
benefits tolerance
benefits management approach
business case
centre of excellence
change authority
change budget
change control
change control approach
checkpoint report
closure recommendation
communication management approach
configuration item
configuration management
configuration item record
configuration management system
contingent plan
corporate, programme management or customer standards
corrective action
cost tolerance
customer's quality expectations
delivery approach
delivery step
dependency (plan)
embedding (PRINCE2)
end project report
end stage assessment
end stage report
enhance (risk response)
event-driven control
exception assessment
exception plan
exception report
exploit (risk response)
follow-on action recommendations
governance (corporate)
governance (project)
highlight report
impact (of risk)
information radiator
inherent risk
initiation stage
issue register
issue report
key performance indicator (KPI)
lessons log
management product
management stage
maturity model
off-specificat ion
operational and maintenance acceptance
performance targets
planned closure
planning horizon
premature closure
prerequisites (plan)
PRINCE2 principles
PRINCE2 project